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It is now safe and becoming more popular to say what we've been saying since February. Ukraine is a deeply corrupt country, this war was started years ago by US meddling, and NATO provocation. Stay tuned for more accurate analysis/predictions.

@JackPosobiec Pretty soon, those US-backed Nazis in Ukraine will suddenly become a problem 鈥渘o one saw coming鈥

Pointing out that keeping troops in Saudi Arabia and massacring people in Palestine provoked the 9/11 attacks made us 鈥渢errorist sympathizers鈥 Pointing out that NATO buildup and treaty terminations led to the Ukraine invasion makes us 鈥淩ussian assets.鈥 Maybe we just know history.

@JeremiahPedro @JuanCon76462556 How exactly do you recommend we stop Russia from invading Ukraine? We can withdraw our own troops from conflicts or stop supporting our allies if they launch an aggressive war. What exactly should we do if our adversaries start one that doesn鈥檛 threaten our national security?

Assault weapons for Neo Nazis in Ukraine but not for American citizens.

@Tim52027069 @POTUS 鈥淪peaking from a position of strength鈥 is what caused the war in Ukraine.

No matter who wins the Russia/Ukraine war, it will be the Ukrainian people who will lose, unfortunately.

Ukraine is a deeply corrupt country that is being held hostage by the US empire and being forced to sacrifice innocent Ukrainians to Russian forces for the benefit of the elites and the military-industrial complex. Everyone involved is bad. Some more than others, you decide.

The GOP has never been handed more of a silver platter. All they need is to reduce government spending, end all Covid policies and pull us out of the quagmire in Ukraine. Instead, they鈥檙e campaigning on 鈥淎fghanistan鈥 making sure China fears us and executing drug dealers #Uniparty

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