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Instantly buying war propaganda without confirming the facts? You talk a great game when it comes to Ukraine, but you get on your knees and fellate the war state when China enters the conversation or when it's time to give billions to our ethnostate "ally" in the Middle East

Among the ~100 elected libertarians in NH, we can't think of a single one that supports Ukraine. A great sign that libertarians with the right kind of focus are coming here.

"Ukraine will easily win the war against Russia", brought to you by the same people who just lost a war to a country with a GDP of $500 per capita

No US Troops in Ukraine! #NoWarWithRussia Getting out ahead of this one because it's coming. The US Cathedral, NATO and the rest of the globalists will not tolerate the inevitable Russian victory This will need to be fought against with everything we got. Humanity depends on it

If you ever meet an American mad at Russian people generally for the war in Ukraine, ask them if they should be held personally responsible for the War in Iraq.

The grandparents of the Azov battalion carried out the orders of Hitler and the Third Reich, slaughtering thousands of Jews in Ukraine during WW2. What a weird timeline we're on.

@SenatorShaheen @ZelenskyyUa We will pay for you and your entire family to go over to Ukraine immediately. If democracy itself is at stake as you say, you better leave ASAP.

When someone says they "stand with Ukraine", what they usually mean is they want to violently rob you of your money to send it to a country they couldn't place on a map just one year ago.

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