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@P_Kallioniemi The Ukraine literally bombed the Donbass, people they claim as their own, while indulging the existence of their own Nazis, so there is no moral high ground on either side.

@KeyonuWasTaken @SuccTheToad @BlazevicJuraj @sahouraxo No sources are brought to "lie," so at-ease your begged-premise question. Former heads of U. S. government agencies and professors admit as much: "Why John Mearsheimer Blames the U.S. for the Crisis in Ukraine"

@vaarufj @ThinkPrague @IlhanMN I'm no fan of Russia, but it sounds you're an apologist for internal violence against Ukrainians by their own government. I will neither take a side against the ethnic Russians of the Donbass the Ukraine has bombed, nor will I side against the Ukrainians that Russia has bombed.

@_jack_fox_ @lofi_meta @JMWave420 @loper_justin @IlhanMN The U. S. has DEFINITELY had a role in the conflict. And the Ukraine has been committing war crimes AGAINST THEIR OWN PEOPLE for years. Neither FACT that I have stated "lets Russia off the hook," so cease your strawman attacks.

@_jack_fox_ @lofi_meta @JMWave420 @loper_justin @IlhanMN Calling historical facts "Russian apologetics" and holding support for victims of settler-colonialism hostage to jumping on the ginned up Ukraine conflict hand-wringing bandwagon just tells me your support for human rights and self-determination isn't objective.

@_jack_fox_ @lofi_meta @JMWave420 @loper_justin @IlhanMN Wow! That's a whole new type of racism, where you basically kick already marginalized groups, if I don't fall in line behind a PREVENTABLE conflict. The Ukraine conflict has had tragic outcomes for innocent people, all because of U. S. and Russian hubris.

@_jack_fox_ @lofi_meta @JMWave420 @loper_justin @IlhanMN I'm not "opposing the Ukraine." Like I said, this was a wholly preventable conflict with numerous exit ramps. It has also revealed the double standard of whose sovereignty is considered worth caring about, when people like you dismiss decades of genocide & ethnic cleansing.

@ThinkPrague @vaarufj @IlhanMN Had the Ukraine declared itself neutral, instead of flirting with the idea of joining NATO, whose chartered purpose is to oppose their neighbor, there would NOT have been an invasion. Here are the countries NATO invaded and destabilized. See? I can list things too.

@_jack_fox_ @lofi_meta @JMWave420 @loper_justin @IlhanMN Not as much as Palestine's. Call us when it's been over seven DECADES of war criminal occupation AIDED AND ABETTED by the U. S. government. Ukraine is a preventable Great Powers conflict, Israel is a settler-colony.

@DebateBroTactix @jacobckelly @arkan3223 @aaronjmate Thanks for ADMITTING that it makes no sense for Ukraine to have provoked an invasion and risked the lives of their people and sovereignty by flirting with application to a defense alliance adversarial to their nuclear-armed neighbor.

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