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#pt: If the question is what Russians substantively think of the war on Ukraine, it's extremely difficult: the very act of measuring skews results in the state's favour, and it's not clear there is a "there" there to start with; many simply say what they think they're supposed to

An important data point when talking about Russian "public opinion": a @RusFieldGroup poll shows that 60% of #Russians would support #Putin in another attempt to take Kyiv, and 75% would support him ending the war on #Ukraine immediately.

The #EU failing to lay the foundations for long-term policy in #Ukraine.

This is a terribly depressing thread on @WarintheFuture's latest article, showing that there is much less than meets the eye to #Australia's support for #Ukraine.

#Iran has become the only state other than Belarus (an independent state no more) to overtly, materially assist #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine. So why has only the #US said anything about it and imposed sanctions? Where is the #EU? Or even #Israel?

Two days ago, #Ukraine retook parts of her own territory that #Russia had nominally "annexed" - the exact same status as #Crimea - and Moscow did not go nuclear. This "threat" is hollow, designed to panic in the unwary. Mission accomplished to that extent.

#Ukraine blunt in its displeasure about #Iran supplying Russia with battlefield equipment. There is no effort to induce better behaviour by doing this in private or any of the other Very Clever ideas US administrations have in handling a lawless theocracy.

#Ukraine advancing, and #Russia falling back, in Kherson, Kharkiv, and Donetsk.

Troops from #Russia's puppet "Luhansk People's Republic" (LPR) in east Ukraine complain that at Drobysheve on Sept. 30, the "proper" Russian troops were ordered to sneak away and leave the LPR soldiers to cover them; some Russian troops tipped them off.

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