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Get my free Morning Report this morning - it’s on Ukraine and how ⁦@RonDeSantisFL⁩ is right. You can get my Morning Report every morning at the Schlichter Arena on @Locals! https:// https://t.co/Ttnr30usTZ

I am not against aiding Ukraine. But I want a strategy and all I see are cliches and reaction.

@DouglasLukasik I disagree. It is a territorial dispute. Eastern Ukraine has a lot of Russians and they don’t want to be part of Ukraine. No refereeing it - just stating their position (I support Ukraine to the extent it matters). There were also a lot of undercurrents that you and I will never…

You know, you can think that Vladimir Putin is an anti-American ass, and even sympathize with Ukranians for resisting invaders, and still not believe that America should either write a blank check to Ukraine or shed any blood in its defense. https://t.co/AD7lAMHQZV

This jerk’s support for Ukraine instantly makes normal Americans less supportive. If he cared about Ukranians rather than his own inexplicable ego, he would shut up.

What’s the name of a single parent in the United States who wants the death of their child in order to protect Ukraine?

Wait, are you saying that years ago, Ron DeSantis is a congressman wrote a letter about stuff that concerned him in Ukraine? I mean, you made sure not to include the date, which I’m sure was an oversight and not designed to mislead stupid people.

Siri, how do I destroy support for Ukraine among normal Americans?

I sure hope some more DC fixtures who were not in the Cold War and never deployed or trained Ukrainian troops in Ukraine lecture me about patriotism, Russian perfidy, and the need for a more bellicose foreign policy. Their insights are important to me. #caring

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