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@RealMacReport Biden really needs to shut his mouth about expanding NATO. His administration already caused the Russia-Ukraine war when they discussed Ukraine joining NATO

@stillgray He鈥檚 just reading off a card but probably doesn鈥檛 know what he鈥檚 saying. This is the clown who is destroying the US economy and is responsible for prolonging the Russia-Ukraine war instead of brokering a peace agreement

@TPostMillennial Yes, Joe Biden鈥檚 foreign policy is a joke. If the Biden administration hadn鈥檛 openly pushed for Ukraine to join NATO, Russia absolutely would not have invaded Ukraine. The American people have witnessed the vast incompetence of the Biden administration

@Dustoir @samstreetwrites By that logic, why not ban Zelensky鈥檚 political party? This fool got Ukraine into an avoidable war with Russia, a war Ukraine is losing and which is resulting in the deaths of many Ukrainians as well as the likely loss of territory to Russia.

@iamthebongman @ma_abbott @samstreetwrites If Ukraine is a democracy, then why wouldn鈥檛 those parties be allowed??

@CheesersDurden @ancapgambit @jimcramer The Biden administration openly pushed for NATO expansion into Ukriane knowing that war was the likely outcome because Russians don鈥檛 want NATO missiles installed in Ukraine and pointing toward them. Remember our reaction when the Soviets put missiles in Cuba?

@Breaking911 How much money is Biden going to waste on a lost war in Ukraine?

@FoxNews It isn鈥檛 Ukraine, this is a result of Biden鈥檚 incompetent energy and foreign policies and everyone knows it

@dawgfanatic @TaxReformExpert Biden鈥檚 incompetent governance has had a direct impact on oil prices. His decisions to (a) end the Keystone Pipeline extension and reduce drilling permits; (b) ban Russian oil and finance Ukraine鈥檚 war effort instead of pushing for a peace agreement; and (c) Biden-inflation

@ColumbiaBugle Anything else. When will that clown address the inflation problem? Why not give a speech to explain why it is our duty to give $40 billion to Ukraine鈥檚 war effort - nobody has explained why it is our job to finish the losing side in that war.

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