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@ZelenskyyUa @elonmusk Elon projects Russian propaganda, Ukraine brings out the heavy weapons. :)

You have no idea what you are saying. Russia has no claim to Ukrainian territory. None. Kherson, Donbas, Crimea.. is Ukraine. There is no negotiation with the the terrorist state of Russia

@elonmusk No idea what you googled to come to this conclusion. Russia has no right to any part of sovereign Ukraine, which includes Donbas and Crimea.

Ukraine is steadily advancing on Russian positions in NE Kherson. Map is from Russian military blogger Rybar. He is now producing an English version of his map, which is interesting. https://t.co/VoVBZEgdU5

Just remember that the Ukrainian liberation and war videos are carefully being trickled out many hours sometimes days after the event. Ukraine is advancing faster than before and consolidating its wins.

I have no doubt. The collapse of Kherson region (not just Luhansk region) is on the cards.. 25-30,000 trapped Russian troops are getting very wet and cold and have no ammo or supplies. And most importantly ..their morale is ebbing away. Time for them to surrender! #Ukraine

This is very interesting, because KT has investigated this FAKE Ukraine supporter and 馃嚪馃嚭 provocateurs Ukraine Russia connections not her provocations to impede scrutiny of Trump Russia connections. Do you have any more information about these Active Measures operations?

The book is closed on this nefarious Russian provocateur and FAKE Ukraine supporter.

Quite a few people are trying to get Ukraine to make concessions to Russia because of Putin's threat to use nuclear weapons. Putin does not have an off-ramp situation by continuing his genocidal war in Ukraine. All he has to do is get out of Ukraine incl. Crimea.

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