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I was born, grew up, got older, stopped giving a shit, still here. Damn it.
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@FormerEverthing @SaraCarterDC @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr Besides bumping flaccid dicks with his chief money launderer, what, exactly, did Beijing Biden accomplish for the United States by going to Ukraine?

@townhallcom No, they don't, and in spite of your woke-ass policies, U.S. flags fly wherever I go in this state. But you wouldn't know that because you're to busy celebrating taxpayer money guaranteeing Ukraine pensions while we can't buy eggs at home. Rsign, you useless piece of shit.

@monitoringbias That "drop in the bucket" would go a long way in improving healthcare, mental health services, affordable housing, lowering enercy costs, securing our borders, taking care of our veterans, improving education, and other domestic problems. But make sure Ukraine has pensions? GFY

@JoJoFromJerz The Chinese Communist Party, who launder your illicit income through Ukraine, stand with you. Fixed that for ya.

@MarindaVannoy1 @harryjsisson I agree. Everyone that supports sending our tax dollars to prop up the Ukraine money laundry should be automatically comscripted and sent over there...but without any firearms, because those are bad.

@POTUS The Biden Infestation stands with the Ukraine money laundry. The citizens of the U.S.? Not so much. You want a proxy war, which could go balloons up if Putin wakes up with a toothache and result in a direct attack on our nation, and then have the gall to attempt to disarm us?

@RickSmithShow @POTUS "Your pretendisent" os owned by the CCP and is only interested in Ukraine because it's where the Biden family launder money.

@RepJeffries If by "big results" you mean even more pork barrel spending, ramping up the proxy war in Ukraine, more illegal aliens, a drastic increase in fantanyl deaths, more divisive policies, and more distrust in Democrats, then I would say you are correct.

@RepJeffries ...abandoned American citizens and allies in the MiddleEast along with billions of dollars in state-of-the-art military equipment, started a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, threatened civilians here at home with tanks, fighter jets, bombers, and even nuclear weapons...

@Simi28_ It is because glorious Ukraine must to be taking all potato cameras for the making of vodka to fueling replica Panther tanks and is scaring Russian cossacks from financial records that making money for Big Guy number one uno.

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