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Poll shows, majority of german population demands STRONGER military support for Ukraine. Send those Marders and Leopards already ffs! #armukrainenow

@CormacS63 @Makeiev @njaresko @Nataliya7 @CharlesTannock @VasylBodnar @AmbVasyl @shmigel @PaulNiland @Biz_Ukraine_Mag @ViktoriaKononen @Mariana_Betsa Welcome to Germany. Please let me apologize in advance for some 💩heads you will encounter (especially from AfD and die Linke). But even if it might seem different sometimes in political Berlin, let me ensure you, the majority of Germans are absolutely supporting Ukraine.

@ArtyomLukin So, you volunteer for fighting in Ukraine? You enlisted already or shall WE pass on to the recruitment office, that you are eager to die in Ukraine?

@n_ma_pag May they be converted into sunflower fertilizer quickly #Leopard2 an die Ukraine liefert, JETZT.

Some russians called Peskov's son, told him to get ready for his mobilization, as Putin ordered. His answer "do you know who I am? Why should I die in Ukraine?" War is cool if some Buryats kill and die for you, but once the Moscowits children get called...🙈🙉🙊

@TheNihl @HagenTronje2 @EngstrT And now all you can do is blocking. What a childish d!ckhead @TheNihl If you are only here for bashing other people from Europe instead of supporting Ukraine, GTFO

@TheNihl @HagenTronje2 @EngstrT entitled to speak up for Sweden and picked up the topic and now you realised you are on the wrong end you get mad. Also typical. I propose you concentrate on supporting Ukraine instead of hatemongering against a specific european people here or GTFO.

@TheNihl @HagenTronje2 @EngstrT I am getting tired of your silly excuses: if you say 🇩🇪sending only pathetic 0,1% of GDP worth support to🇺🇦is🤬☠️💩but🇸🇪sending only pathetic 0,1% of GDP worth support to🇺🇦is🤷👍👏, then you just told me "I am a polish ultranationalist who is not here for supporting Ukraine...

@TheNihl @HagenTronje2 @EngstrT in my opinion by the way), but🇸🇪sending only pathetic 0,1% of GDP worth support to🇺🇦is🤷👍👏, then I would have to doubt your intentions and it would seem your priority was not to support Ukraine, but celebrating your hate against your neighbour country.

RuZZian aircrafts dropping like flies in the recent days. What makes *brrrrrrrrrrrrrrt* and arrived in big numbers in Ukraine recently? #SlavaUkraini ! https://t.co/KoKDHjQBIg

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