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In case you wondered why Russia attacks the power grid in Ukraine. Lessons learned from US/NATO.

The US Govt knew what's going to happen. Many foreign policy experts warned Ukraine would get wrecked. It doesn't matter how many arms the US supplies to Ukraine. They are getting wrecked. All of that because the US must prevent a multipolar order or fall.

鈥淣o one should support Ukraine鈥 鈥 Jens Stoltenberg Secretary General NATO He meant to say Russia but this Freudian slip says a lot about the NATO mood. Probably because @ZelenskyyUa attempts to pull NATO into the US proxy war with false flags and lies.

Ukraine executed the false flag attack on Poland so poorly that there was no chance to blame Russia without losing all credibility. Now the west is calling it 鈥渟tray missiles鈥 and an 鈥渁ccident鈥 adding that none of this would have happened if Russia didn鈥檛 invade Ukraine. Idiots.

I have taken a lot of heat for calling out the US proxy war in Ukraine and for educating you about the real reasons for this conflict, from day 1. It was worth it because now you can see what鈥檚 really going on. Our biggest enemies are the propaganda media and corrupt politicians.

Must watch: Does the US military leadership have enough of the US proxy war in Ukraine? Big development.

If Ukraine doesn鈥檛 get reinforcements Russia will crush them this winter. The missile strike in Poland may be the entry event for NATO troops to join the conflict. That would increase the risk of a nuclear confrontation. I doubt that Russia did this. It simply makes no sense.

The western media is celebrating that Russia is abandoning Kherson. Ukraine is winning they say. Wrong. It鈥檚 simply a masterclass in military strategy.

@thepoobah Trump can't stand Zelensky. The money pipeline to Ukraine will blow up like Nord Stream.

@ArcticMoon8 What's disturbing is that EU leaders know this but still side with the Nazi embracing, mass murdering and corrupt Zelensky regime. Because it isn't about Ukraine. This US proxy war is about BRICS+ and the de-dollarization of the global financial system on which the West depends.

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