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Khan Bhaijaan
Believer in Humanity! मैं भी मुसलमान हूं, पर खतरे में नही हूं, बस फर्क इतना है की मैं भारत का मुसलमान हूं, किसी राजनीतिक पार्टी का नही!!
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@Yurgenua1 @DmytroKuleba @SecBlinken Russia already warn Ukraine not to apply for NATO membership. But Ukraine completely ignore warning & blindly rely on NATO members. Where are NATO members now ? Will Ukraine be able to get back what it has lost in war ?

@DmytroKuleba @SecBlinken Dear dmytro, The smart President is that who care for their citizens. But I think Ukraine became prey of two superpower. You will never understand cheap politics behind this war. You can't win war relying on others. So, be mature, and take steps for Peace.

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