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Pro-Kremlin media pushes conspiracy theory that Washington plans to replace Zelensky with Valerii Zaluzhnyi, the current commander-in-chief of Ukraine's Armed Forces. "Zelensky knows and will have to step aside," says politolog Vladimir Bruter.

A pro-invasion student group at Moscow’s Higher School of Economics has donated “at least” five drones (DJI Mavic 3) and smartphones (Xiaomi Poco M5s) to Russia’s war effort in Ukraine. Victory is inevitable now.

Worth remembering. Anybody who thinks “well, if Ukraine deflected those missiles into that tractor in Poland, so how bad is Russia’s invasion really?” has a few screws loose.

Yesterday, it seemed like Russia had forced NATO into a direct confrontation & beefier-than-ever support for Ukraine. Today, Kyiv contests the apparent conclusion that Ukraine probably knocked those missiles into Poland, and it wants access to the site. Life in the fast lane.

Russia’s missile strikes against Ukraine yesterday (just yesterday) cost $700–900 million, estimates Forbes Ukraine. Avg. price for one Х-101 rocket — $13 million, Kalibr — $6.5 million, X-555 — $4 million.

The strange tale of how nymphet “cute-rapper” Victoria Lysyuk, aka “Maybe Baby,” went from a forced meme to a genuine heartthrob of Russian mercs fighting in Ukraine. She seems keen to flirt with this celebrity without openly embracing Z-mania.

Think of it: the Kremlin wants Russians to laugh at Ukraine’s silly ex-entertainer president — a literal jokester who dares to side against Mother Russia. But it’s Zelensky who’s delivering the stirring speeches, who’s elbow-to-elbow with the people, etc. Quite mind-blowing.

New @Stanovaya take on an elite split in Russian politics: she says it's finally arrived with the loss of Kherson and the turning of the tide across Ukraine. Elites with something to lose vs. weaker elites, all willing to follow Putin's lead (until now?)

Footage trending on Telegram today of the apparent execution of former Wagner inmate-recruit Evgeny Nuzhin, who immediately surrendered when he got to Ukraine. Before the axe falls, he says he was "kidnapped in Kyiv" & traded back to Russia in a POW swap.

Russia’s unlawful transfer of civilians a war crime & likely a crime against humanity, says @amnesty in a new report. Russian forces tortured & deported civilians from Ukraine, children separated from families, elderly & disabled people can’t leave, etc.

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