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"The top two contenders in the GOP are both, in essence, using Kremlin talking points...that is really alarming" @mpolymer talks to @KatyTurNBC about about the geopolitical impact of Gov. DeSantis's statements on Ukraine. https://t.co/XXwdYtGJuB

"If Russia were to stop fighting today, they war would end. If Ukraine were to stop fighting today, Ukraine would end." Nearly one year after Russia invaded, Ned Price @StateDeptSpox talks to @KatyTurNBC about the stakes of the conflict in Ukraine and what could come next. https://t.co/cnj978iwSH

"The most important thing is weapons." @igornovikov talks to @KatyTurNBC about the continuing war in Ukraine and what the country needs. https://t.co/xTEYsuNH9h

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