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You failed. Germany has not released the Leopard tanks. Stop trying to armchair quarterback Ukraine strategy. Give them what they ask for and allow them to more quickly bring this conflict to a close. It鈥檚 a moral imperative

Let us hope these are more than words. Germany stands in the way of a free and independent Ukraine.

How much more of this must Ukraine endure? US/NATO have means to help them deter. It鈥檚 our moral obligation to provide them all the tools to defeat Russia. Putin is as much a criminal as Hitler. The world must unite. @POTUS @SpeakerMcCarthy @jensstoltenberg @NATO

@March111992 @Flamingnbg @RepGosar @JuliaOB21136001 a better question. have either of you been to Ukraine? worked with Ukranians?

@March111992 @RepGosar @JuliaOB21136001 Don鈥檛 think you fully understand the religious issues at play in Ukraine. Have you ever been there? Do you know the people and why they fight?

@tweet_flynn @RepGosar @JuliaOB21136001 US did not start the war - Putin did. The Donbass belongs to Ukraine. Their actions were self defense

Putin is getting mire desperate. His missile attacks are not working as planned. He just suffered huge troop and equipment losses in eastern Ukraine. I hope EU/US prepared

@TuckerCarlson @mattgaetz @laurenboebert @HawleyMO your views do not represent most of Americans鈥 regarding Ukraine. Stop being a pawn for Putin.

@JuliaOB21136001 @benshapiro Sadly, you do not understand Ukraine or Ukrainians. Yes, there has been corruption-much of it by an older generation who succeeded in Soviet style economy. Younger Ukrainians, like Zelensky & his team have led transformation to Western values. Maybe do a little research.

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