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馃檹Never time for everything, but a summary. 1) Listen to Ukrainians and people who were right, not those keep being wrong. 2) Ukraine must win, and there is great cost and no benefit in delaying victory by limiting the type of weapons or speed of delivery.

This seems to be so, but as I said, the question is why he's still in his post if he disagrees with Biden's goals and mission in Ukraine--if that is indeed the case? Milley is no Grant, but Biden is no Lincoln. It's a war, not a war game.

General Ulysses "Unconditional Surrender" Grant was decisive and knew what victory required. But he also had Lincoln's full backing. If politicians say they support Ukraine and want to end the war, they must listen to their generals, who are clear on how to do it.

From RAND authors to the Pentagon, people who said Russia was too strong, Ukraine too weak, weapon aid would be a waste, etc., are still promoting a mantra of self-deterrence when it's clear Putin will not stop until he's stopped.

After a year of Russia's total war on Ukraine, we still see articles and statements from western analysts & officials who were wrong about everything. Why are they still being published, or in decision-making positions? Why not replace them with people who were right?

Surrender is 鈥渆asy鈥, yes. Trump is correct in that there will be no more war if there is no more Ukraine, as he鈥檇 like. That is the peace of the gulag and the grave. I prefer the war to end when there is a free and whole Ukraine and Russia is defeated.

Putin believed Russia's position as energy exporter was too strong, his war on Ukraine would be short, and the West too weak and divided. China is stronger and skillful, but vulnerable to boycotts. Xi is watching Western unity vs Russia carefully.

I鈥檓 always happy to take questions while speaking to politicians in Europe about aid to Ukraine with the Russian Action Committee. My own question to them remains the same: What the hell are you waiting for? We know what is needed and what must be done. Hurry!

And would not want to miss wishing @ZelenskyyUa a happy birthday, though it is clear there can be few celebrations or happiness for such a true leader of his nation and people as long as Ukraine is occupied and under attack. May his birthday wishes come true!

A brief update on my travels on behalf of the Russian Action Committee to advocate for more support for Ukraine and the establishment of relations to prepare for a free Russia after Putin鈥檚 end.

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