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In the NYT today: "The Renew Democracy Initiative has distributed about $4 million in humanitarian aid in Ukraine, and is in the early stages of a multimillion-dollar communications campaign to buck up support for the war in the US and Europe."

Capping my responses to Musk in the thread below to draw attention to the continued excellent work on Ukraine by @Renew_Democracy, including the brilliant videos with Generals Hodges and Petraeus:

@elonmusk I am privileged to be alive, free and able to do what I can to support Ukraine and fight dictatorship. At @HRF, @Renew_Democracy, raising funds, and traveling the world to advocate. It is an honor, not a sacrifice. That is for the heroes of Ukraine. I hope you can join me.

@elonmusk As for my endeavors, since you asked, that you are unaware of what my colleagues and I have given and what we have lost in this long fight says much about your interest in Ukraine, Russia, and Putin. You speak of hacking risks, not poisonings, prison, and exile.

@elonmusk To address the core issue of the countless comments here, discarding or diminishing Ukrainian sovereignty is unacceptable. As someone who has championed Ukraine and individual liberty broadly as you have in the past, this should be clear.

Yes, it is disturbing. Even apart from the Starlink boon for Ukraine, Musk and his companies have embraced risk and autonomy, taking on huge challenges and succeeding against tough odds. Why suddenly say Ukraine doesn鈥檛 deserve to do the same?

Rebutting the known fallacies: 1) Ukraine was neutral in 2014 and Russia attacked & occupied it, invading again this year. Never again. 2) The greatest nuclear threat comes from concessions to Putin, not standing up to him. 3) The only real peace will be when Russia is defeated.

"The only real danger of nuke use is if Putin believes he can get away with it. So as it has been for generations, deterrence is still the best practice. Ukraine should be put under the NATO nuclear umbrella immediately." My @NYDailyNews op-ed:

"Putin and his billionaire cronies have no interest in becoming literally and figuratively radioactive by using nuclear weapons in Ukraine. They still hope to find a way back to Davos, to summits, to chalets in the Alps and slots for their children at schools like NYU."

Ukraine is showing the world why democratic values must be defended, and just in time. But American conservatives, supposed champions of freedom, don't seem to get it. Good piece:

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