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Dear Chuck: How about GFY. How about you assholes cut welfare and all the money you are sending to Ukraine. You really need to GFY. Americans detest you.

No. Stop funding other Countries. Especially Ukraine. Why punish Americans or those who come here for a better life? Do what makes sense FFS.

WTAF is wrong with people? Anyone supporting the war in Ukraine is a murderer. And an ignorant moron. The US taxpayers don't have a choice or a say as we are ruled by communist tyrants. The damn Republicans in this country need to grow some balls and stop this insanity.

I vote firing squad. A bullet is way cheaper than trials and years in prison. Let's recoup some of the billions the Demonrats have sent to Ukraine.

$6 trillion COVID stimulus $1 trillion for infrastructure $740 billion climate change bill $300 billion student debt relief $280 billion semiconductor bill $80 billion new IRS funding $100+ billion to Ukraine They shut down the government to block $5 billion for a border wall.

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