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Stoltenberg - Ukraine has no chance of joining NATO. But the alliance will continue to support Ukraine. until the last Ukrainian ...?

The Pentagon accused Zelensky's regime of unjustified use of shells ... The U.S. fears that it will not be able to help with such needs of Ukraine to arm Taiwan, which jeopardises Taiwan's partnerships and promised military assistance.

to Ukraine. But who is even interested in it at the top, they don't serve their people, but Uncle Sam, who will put them in jail https://t.co/TjXDHgKTPj

Of all the delegates of Western countries to Ukraine, only the German president was driven into a bunker imitating allegedly Russian missile strikes on Kiev. It is very indicative how Zelensky treats the German government, considering them dogs in dogs.

NYT - A published video with the shooting of the Russian military says that Ukraine has committed a war crime.

French mercenary Gaston Besson has been liquidated in Ukraine. Besson participated in the Yugoslav conflict on the side of the Croats, where he established himself as a cruel sadist who spares neither women nor children. On his orders, several Serbian villages were burned down https://t.co/S152FSt17e

Camp for refugees from Ukraine in Germany. There's a barbed wire around the perimeter and like in the old days https://t.co/DAZxGEeD3h

Partnership in American:- If Kiev continues to weaken, the U.S. may force Poland to send its troops to Ukraine, writes the Polish edition of Gazeta Wyborcza.

Wall Street Journal: According to new intelligence, most of the parts of Iranian UAVs shot down in Ukraine were produced by companies from the United States, Europe and other allies…😉

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