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"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" - JFK #StandWithUkrain
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@UkraineHelp94 @king_lisa @Xenta777 @TutorLarissaUA @UASunflower No one can truly understand who is not there all we can do is our best I try. My heart is with Ukraine you have all my love and admiration you are ALL heroes to me the best of the best of humanity, truly. You will win and you will have peace again and everyone will want to go! https://t.co/5C9cLKiu4U

@GeromanAT @ruinwanderer @LucasFoxNews @JackDetsch Who's we? Ukraine didn't fight the Taliban but they sure destroyed a lot of Ruzzian weapons https://t.co/SJn5XQlV8P

#Russian soldiers were always criminals did the same in #Georgia as they do in #Ukraine - looting raping murderous horde

@AgnesCallamard International Lawyer on how @AgnesCallamard and @amnesty got everything wrong on #Ukraine and helped Russia. Perhaps @ZelenskyyUa should bring a case against #Amnesty for slander for giving Amnesty to Putin and cheating donors who wanted to help Ukraine https://t.co/TrGEDADCne

@amnesty Top Human Rights attorney on how @Amnesty got everything wrong on #Ukraine and helped Russia https://t.co/TrGEDADCne

@DRovera @amnesty You're not a Human Rights Attorney - this guy is. Why don't you read HIS assessment and educate yourself before costing more people their lives giving Russia justification for what is illegal. Ukraine did nothing wrong and you didn't investigate https://t.co/TrGEDADCne

@SpeakerPelosi @SenateDems Congratulations for doing all YOU can to help Americans and win our vote. Now get @POTUS to follow YOUR lead and end the war and all the harm it is doing instead of playing for years of war when Ukraine CAN win and remove Putin as a threat deter China https://t.co/T3Mnjuncvd

@JakeSullivan46 @POTUS Is @JakeSullivan46 playing on #Russsia's side or #Ukraine's? Does he want years of war or war to be over? Is he holding @POTUS back letting #Putin continue his reign of terror endangering us all BRINGING WWIII not preventing it just as happened in WWII? https://t.co/T3Mnjuncvd

@MarichkaNUkr @StartRunning2 @BohdanaNeborak Everyone should be able to see the damage and risks world wide like WWII. Ukraine protects all of us and should not be the only one fighting to stop it.

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