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Today, we’re taking further action to hold Russia to account. We’re banning the import of Russian aluminum and steel products – and making sure the Russian regime cannot generate the funds it needs to pay for its war against Ukraine. More details here: https://t.co/XQV93ZnlOh

One year ago today, we were in Poland and sat down with people who had fled Ukraine because of Russia’s abhorrent attacks. We got to see their resiliency, their courage, and their strength firsthand – and we told them we would always be there for them. We meant that. https://t.co/eegnSIl2gs

No matter where we meet, I can always count on President @vonderLeyen’s friendship, partnership, and valuable insights. That was true today, as we made progress on some of our many shared priorities – like supporting Ukraine, growing resilient economies, and creating good jobs. https://t.co/V9xfHNVZWC

President @vonderLeyen and I just wrapped our meeting in Kingston – we’re now giving an update on the work we’re doing to create jobs, strengthen trade, fight climate change, and support Ukraine. Watch live: https://t.co/Nf1SM31Ydg

Next week, President @vonderLeyen is coming to Canada. We’re close partners and have long worked together for Canadians and Europeans – and we’ll continue to do just that to create good jobs, take climate action, support Ukraine, and more. Details: https://t.co/xIBtok4jXu

To weaken the Russian regime’s ability to fund its brutal, barbaric war against Ukraine, we’ve announced that – together with our @G7 partners and Australia – we’re moving forward with two price caps for seaborne Russian-origin petroleum products. Details: https://t.co/GUgdv5elBC

We’ll keep working together – and with partners from around the world – to make sure Ukraine can continue to defend itself against Russia’s brutal invasion. For more on what President @ZelenskyyUa and I spoke about today, click here: https://t.co/F5BXTI5VJa

President @ZelenskyyUa and I spoke today. We went over Ukraine’s military, humanitarian, and financial needs – and discussed Canada’s ongoing and unwavering support for the Ukrainian people and government.

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