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Canada condemns Putin’s latest comments about Russia’s “referendums.” The outcomes of these referendums are not legitimate, and Canada does not – and will not ever – recognize them. I repeat: Ukraine’s territory will remain Ukraine’s.

I spoke with President @ZelenskyyUa this morning. I told him that Canada will never recognize Russia’s “referendums” - and that we will continue to provide the people of Ukraine with military, humanitarian, and financial assistance. Our support for them remains steadfast.

We intend to sanction people and entities who are complicit in this latest attempt at undermining the principles of state sovereignty, and who share responsibility for the ongoing bloodshed across Ukraine. My statement: https://t.co/IX5NJ5XG4o

Canada does not – and will not ever – recognize the results of Russia’s illegitimate referendums or its attempted, illegal annexation of Ukrainian territories. Let me be clear: Ukraine’s borders will not change. Ukraine’s territory will remain Ukraine’s.

We, @G7 leaders, condemn Russia’s sham referenda. They have no legal effect or legitimacy, and clearly breach the United Nations Charter and international law. We will never recognize the outcome – and we will continue to stand with Ukraine. Our statement: https://t.co/Gqya1yS3C3

From addressing Russia’s illegal invasion and supporting Ukraine to creating opportunities for people in Canada and Europe – President @Vonderleyen and I had a lot to talk about in our meeting this afternoon. https://t.co/Oe0mWqEDEG

Putin’s military mobilization and nuclear threats represent an irresponsible and dangerous escalation in his illegal war. Canada strongly condemns these actions, and continues to stand united with Ukraine and global partners against this unprovoked and unwarranted aggression.

Global food insecurity has been increasing in recent years – and COVID-19, climate change, and Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine have made it worse. At the Global Food Security Summit, I spoke about Canada’s commitment to investing in solutions that address this crisis.

We also spoke about Ukraine, climate change, violent extremism, reconciliation, and how we can make progress on these files together. We’ll keep working – wherever we find ourselves meeting – to build a better future for the people of Canada and the people of New Zealand.

Canada denounces Russia’s planned “referendums” in occupied regions of Ukraine. We will never recognize them. This is a blatant violation of international law. It is a further escalation of war. And it is unacceptable.

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