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So #russia took out a #Globalhawk Anyone has the track on it? F16's for Ukraine now! Russian jet collides with US drone over Black Sea https://t.co/uX9LxkY5dF

2 great #ambulances for #Ukraine driven to their next point to their their journey saving lives this month. #NAFO #FELLAS #褉邪蟹芯屑 ! 馃挍馃挋馃殤馃殤 @zeilen_vrijheid 馃尰馃嚭馃嚘馃馃徎馃嚦馃嚤馃尫 https://t.co/3ghsI7qeQv

@Harri_Est For this qeustion I have to say. We come nearest to the great when we are great in humility. And therefore we must have 馃嵒 someday after the victory of #Ukraine

These 馃嚪馃嚭 (Ultra) #MAGA's 馃嚪馃嚭 have a hard time reading so 馃し And @berlin_bridge hope you don't mind. I did a new iteration of a golden oldie of mine. The Irony between Capitals 馃檶馃徎 #Jan6th #Ukraine https://t.co/njU2REasop

@OSN690427 What?! changing the subject? You don't care about us at all. Only vomiting 馃嚪馃嚭 propaganda You knows who else does not care? 馃嚪馃嚭馃し They invaded and they can end it. bY lEaViNg Ukraine. Stop projecting. You started about urrr guuuns mr MAGA weaksauce Here is something for the burn https://t.co/I1Gd39nA0t

@rpavogel @zeilen_vrijheid I was honored to accompany the ambulance in Groningen and tell the story about the Kharkiv馃殤 attack and the very brave men and women that work as first responders and medics in Ukraine losing their lives. Shout-out to the great Volunteers of @zeilen_vrijheid #tourdeambulance 馃挍馃挋

@kd5jad @ZelenskyyUa The two farmers that got tragically killed did a lot of volunteering for Ukraine and the Vilage continues doing so. If it was a Ukrainian air defense missile? Why was it flying there? Come on you know the answer...Tik tok 鈴 https://t.co/TfLhx23MQl

@azharaslam DCS Digital Combat Simulation from @eagledynamics Learn to recognize it please it's not so hard. How it really looks like to get shot down by #Ukraine @DefenceU however...Here you go. https://t.co/qxEwYuKUb5

@wartranslated They 馃嚪馃嚭 their stooges in the west and the 馃嚪馃嚭 Pro-russian accounts we fight for over a year won't ever get it..No begging to his murderers that let him dig his grave and let him smoke his last sig. Glory to Ukraine and its heroes and its soul. https://t.co/wHJ6LTMeSL

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