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Wife of an AF Vet, Mom of a Navy Vet. Love my country & can鈥檛 wait to vote for DJ Trump in 2024. NO DM鈥檚!!! 馃槑馃嚭馃嚫馃憤#HillaryForPrison
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Ukraine Makes Emergency Application to NATO After Russian Annexation | https://t.co/AyM9MzQLWy https://t.co/h1Wybrmdwa

Biden Regime to Provide Ukraine an Additional $1.1 Billion in Aid But Snubs Florida, Silent If He鈥檒l Help Florida For Hurricane Damage - Geller Report https://t.co/sjewPZwopk

Trump Calls for Peace, Offers to Broker Deal Between US, Russia, and Ukraine to END WAR - Geller Report https://t.co/lHtPdftOQj

"Europe On The Brink:" 70,000 Czech Protesters Flood Prague Over Energy Crisis Due to Corrupt Ukraine War and Crushing Climate Hoax Policies - Geller Report https://t.co/KLjWjTzFRC

I鈥檝e lost track, how much are we sending Ukraine this week?

The United States Contributes $4.5 Billion more to Support the Government of Ukraine! Only Fools Believe D.C. is Passing a Bill to Ease Inflation! https://t.co/eFhtoiPkiy

@townhallcom Only those Americans living in the Ukraine! @WHCOS & the rest of D.C. are idiots who think everyone is falling for the bull馃挬馃挬馃挬

@LeaderMcConnell Maybe if you tried stopping Democrats from sending Billions to the Ukraine, stopped Chips (which you personally benefit from). It seemed every time Democrats want to spend into the next millennia, you are there to help them! Just STOP!

@laurenboebert @alexbruesewitz That鈥檚 because we are suckers!We elect people to protect us from enemies, both foreign & domestic鈥攊nstead of taking care of us, our elected officials print money & send it by the BILLIONS to their corrupt business partners in the Ukraine!

NO END: Biden Regime Announces $270 Million in Military Aid to Ukraine - Geller Report https://t.co/3avnyOGfMR

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