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UPDATE Poland, US & NATO assess that missile likely originated in Ukraine, was fired by Ukraine in self defense (at incoming Russian missile), and unintentionally landed in Poland. NATO still expected to hold emergency meeting today, but for now crisis averted.

UPDATE - US Prez Biden 馃摓#Poland鈥檚 Prez Andrzej Duda from Bali at 4 am - NATO to hold emergency meeting - Poland looking at Nato Article 4 & raises military readiness - Stoltenberg 馃摓 Duda #Ukraine #Russia

UPDATE #Poland Missile attack 鈥 Russia 鈥渢here were no strikes鈥 鈥 Ukraine : 鈥淭his is a Russian missile attack on collective security鈥 鈥 White House: looking into it 鈥 UK making calls 鈥 Austin will 馃摓 Polish def. min:CNN 鈥 Poland鈥檚 emergency Gov meeting ongoing

Being a NATO member, Poland could opt to invoke Article 5 of "collective defense" that an attack on one is an attack on all. If Russia is culprit, such move would take Ukraine war to a whole new level

JUST IN: Two missiles reportedly hit Przewodow #Poland located on border with #Ukraine. Comes as Russia pounded Ukraine with missiles today. Local radio reports 2 fatalities. Poland is a NATO member

According to this, their zoo came under shelling in May. Ukraine took Kharkiv back in September. Scars of war on every breathing creature in area

Things definitely looking up for Maduro in Egypt. Russia's war in Ukraine, OPEC+ cuts have forced a US-EU recalibration with Venezuela.

What changed from September when US first warned about such weapon sale to now, is that shipment has moved from DPRK to Russia via Middle East & North Africa. US not expecting it to make difference on battlefield in Ukraine

Kyiv strikes happened at 8 a.m local time. Other cities were hit too. Zelensky said Russia targeted Ukraine's energy infrastructure and used (besides missiles) #Iran-made drones (AFP). Putin鈥檚 forces incurring losses in East and South following Ukraine鈥檚 counteroffensive.

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