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@SamIsAnIdiot77 @Cirincione Just because Russia withdrew from some parts of Ukraine doesn't mean they are losing. In fact, when Russia incorporates even just Donetsk and Luhansk into the Federation, then Ukraine has already lost

@LordRassveta Russia taking Odessa is more realistic than Ukraine taking Crimea 馃榿 It's Shahed O'Clock

@LvivTyler The same people who cheered US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq also cry against the Russian operation in Ukraine. They are hypocrites

@blackintheempir Everyone likes to brag about how Ukraine is "kicking Russia." But they forget Russia has seized Ukraine's most strategic lands. The only thing Russia lacks now is Odessa. Russia doesn't even need Kiev. When you look at it objectively, Ukraine is still the loser in this fight

@ReaderDon7 The same people who reject the referendums of the Donbass would gladly support Regime change in Iran, Syria, and China. The same people who support Ukraine against the Donbass referendums would gladly rally behind Israel's occupation of Palestine

@imribar @Bigbung89421672 @LvivTyler Kharkiv wasn't even a priority of Russia, look how fast that withdrawal was. The real fight is Kherson. Ukraine tried a pincer on two fronts. They failed horribly in Kherson, so they cope with Kharkiv. Now they say Kherson was a feint, what level of cope!

@Alakhai @ClareAdams @Nikolai11449196 Going Well! Ukraine can't take back luhansk, russia holds more of zaporizhzhia, ukraine losing grip on donetsk

@60Minutes Enough rhetoric, just get the war over with. We've seen how Russia was overestimated with the war in Ukraine, what if China is overestimated too? Only one way to find out

@ThatchEffendi This is why I don't support Ukraine even thought people tell me to

@VukasinPekovic @kittysquiddy It's funny how they mock the capture of Mariupol by saying it's not even a city, but when Ukraine takes tiny Balakliya they claim it is a huge victory.

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