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@Jarski1979 @visegrad24 Why do you care what Ukraine military wears on there uniforms in the Ukraine. As long as they are winning...

@jsl262 Russian missiles are lucky to hit the ground.. they can't hit any Ukraine military equipment.

@Eduardo_AI1917 Ukraine has all coward Wagner's namr photos and family addresses. They will be hunted down like animals

@Internl_Leaks If the coward Russian war criminals were not in the Ukraine murdering Ukraine citizens there would be no problems...

@suzysuzy849 @ZelenskyyUa @prezidentpavel @POTUS Ukraine will hold all Russian War criminals supporting cowards accountable... hahaha

@KHonkonen The West gives Ukraine all Wagner's names, photos and family addresses. If they survive, they will be hunted down like animals

@queen_ukraine I wonder how much Putin will start crying when Ukraine starts putting foreign troops on their soil

@officejjsmart Ukraine has all Wagner names and family addresses to be held accountable no matter what country they crawl back to...

@geraldcelente Russia war criminals proves everyday they can't hit Ukraine military targets.. clown show

@RadinaCNN @CNN low IQ wagners that Ukraine has all names and families address. and will be hunted down

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