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Josep Borrell Fontelles
High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of @eu_commissi
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At last week鈥檚 informal Defence Ministers meeting, we discussed how to speed up military support to Ukraine, in particular with ammunition. I proposed a three-way approach, which includes purchasing ammunition jointly. Read my new blog post: #EUDefence

At Informal Development Ministers' meeting, we focused on two highly important issues: the future reconstruction of Ukraine and the reform of Multilateral Development Banks: @sweden2023eu

For Ukraine to prevail, we must deliver more artillery ammunition and deliver it faster. EU Defence Ministers discussed today my proposals on how to do so and agreed on the need to urgently move forward. #EUDefence

Good occasion to discuss with Minister Shoukry @MfaEgypt at #G20FMM attempts to revive the Middle East peace efforts, to unleash the potential for comprehensive regional peace. Also discussed the collateral effects of Russia鈥檚 war. The EU remains steadfast in supporting Ukraine.

Productive meeting with Minister @DrSJaishankar on key issues ahead of @g20org, such as Russia鈥檚 aggression against Ukraine, or the global debt crisis #India is a key partner for the EU. I want to deepen our strategic partnership & collaboration on regional and global challenges

Boris #Nemtsov鈥檚 fearless work for democracy & political pluralism in Russia is not forgotten, nor his denouncement of the start of Russia's aggression against Ukraine in 2014. EU stands in solidarity with those Russians who defend freedom & democracy despite great personal risks

I come back from New York encouraged by the support the world gave to #Ukraine. But also convinced that we need to be more attentive to the growing needs of a world full of other crises. My blog post: #EUDiplomacy

I was woken up in the early hours of #24Feb2022 to be notified that Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine 3 things were as clear for me then, as they are now: Ukraine will prevail. The EU will support Ukraine for as long as it takes. Russia will be held accountable

The United Nations General Assembly #UNGA has voted today. 141 countries called for a just, lasting and comprehensive peace in #Ukraine. The overwhelming majority of the international community has spoken clearly: Russia must stop its aggression. It needs to stop now.

One year ago, history stood still. Russia brutally invaded Ukraine. 365 days of unthinkable inhumanity. But Ukraine stands strong. Europe stands with Ukraine to win and rebuild. The nightmare must end. Our message with 鈦@DmytroKuleba鈦. #StandWithUkraine

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