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@adegrandpre @JimmySecUK More sanctions on Russia *and* more weapons for Ukraine.

@mtracey You're a Holocaust revisionist and you deny the current genocide Putin is waging in Ukraine.

@TheStudyofWar @georgewbarros @BusinessInsider Hopefully more brilliant Ukrainian victories will lead to Putin's ousting and the free world will owe Ukraine an enormous debt.

@OPorloc Yup, they would happily watch Russia annex the whole of Ukraine.

@DivaAugusta1 Along with "stop arming Ukraine" and "disband NATO".

@SamRamani2 Assad will fall when Russia is defeated by Ukraine.

@JimmySecUK The Poles are playing a blinder re Ukraine. 馃憦

@wirralphil1 @PhilJenkins86 @johnsweeneyroar Such as supporting democracies like Ukraine and opposing fascists such as Putin? That's the view of around 90% of the electorate.

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