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I search for my twin sisters Annabella and Joanna Hoover.
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Such Alien species will likely use earth's blue thunderstorms and our blue band frequencies on earth... Which would also explain why terror could reach such an inhumane level like during the Holocaust, or the invasion of Ukraine, while having simply alien species behind them...

Btw. Did they distribute Ukrainian beer in the US as well? Or just in Europe? I actually love it... I still can't spell the name though... Cher-ni-giv-ske While at the topic Ukraine... Please sacrifice Czech above Ukraine when giving away mentally European territory... thx

And Turks want 2 things... First intimidate our native reaction when being molested and harassed on the streets as natives by these foreigners... Second, what they hate most... Interfering... Like the western world interfering in Ukraine...

A Turkish hybrid terror network targeting western VIPs... Which means Oswald was a Turkish hybrid. Atta was a Turkish hybrid. Turkeys influence in Germany, and their involvement in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Then is Putin what? Exactly... A Turkish hybrid.

Military special operations, death squadrons using executions with knife throat slashings or beadings, that use such terror methods, I however do treat as a threat... Which would mean the SOF in Ukraine...

So... Russia and North Korea are now coordinating war in Ukraine? And they will of course be conform with major strategic conclusions entirely? Or North Korea will place 100.000 troops under direct Russian control... with trust? ROFL... They are 3rd world hybrids... Fuck Russia... They have already placed mines in Ukraine? The Russian military belongs on their knees begging for mercy while being massacred one after another... That will be the main operational force. It's likely that they might simply be the Nazis in Ukraine... that they have taken over the Ukrainian special force with the bad Nazi reputation...

Which means they will likely do the exact same... And the best ones for this job are foot soldiers... Which means a potential secret takeover of Ukraine will be organised by the basic Russian army... So we already have Russian army intelligence operations INSIDE Ukraine, Kiev.

I am just thinking about psychological warfare methods specialized in targeting future false flag structures in Ukraine that will try to turn the Ukraine into a secret Communist nation...

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