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A pleasure to meet @ZelenskyyUa following his powerful address to both Houses of Parliament. His inspirational words remind us of the cost of freedom, and the value of support provided by the UK and NATO allies. We stand united in support for Ukraine, as we did a year ago.

Welcome this extra support to help strengthen Ukraine on the battlefield. We must stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes, with a plan for 2023 and beyond. It must be clear to Putin, things will get worse not better for Russia.

We need to reboot defence plans and boost military production to support Ukraine for the long-term, and rearm Britain. In my speech @RUSI_org today, I will set out the steps government must take to protect Britain in its update of the Integrated Review.

Ministers must set out a long-term plan to support Ukraine, including steps to rapidly restock our forces. A Labour government would begin a Defence and Security Review on day one to make sure our capabilities match the threats.

Labour sees spending on defence as a force for good in the UK. It strengthens our economy and our security, with British-made tanks sent to defend Ukraine. Labour will ensure British defence investment is directed first to British business.

This will be the decisive year for the war in Ukraine. Tanks are crucial to Ukraine's efforts to win its battle against Russia's illegal invasion. That's why the first package of UK military aid to Ukraine in 2023, including Challenger 2 tanks, has Labour's fullest support.

Modern tanks are crucial to Ukraine's efforts to win its battle against Russian aggression. The government has Labour's fullest backing for military assistance to Ukraine. Ministers must also set out a plan for military, economic and diplomatic support through 2023 and beyond.

Today marks the 300th day of Putin's illegal invasion of Ukraine. However it is clear that Ukraine is winning and Western military aid is working. On Britain鈥檚 military help to Ukraine, and on reinforcing NATO allies, the Government will continue to have Labour鈥檚 full support.

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