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@dwnews Did you see the arrogant fucks of Ukraine? While people were getting evacuated for unkrain in initial days, they were beating up backs and asian for no reason. That's exactly was the behaviour of Ukrainians against Russia speaking population. You reap what you sow.

@AP If he is really in Odessa, he is proving that Russians had launched only a special military operation in Ukraine, the whole of Ukraine is not under attack. Western media is spreading propaganda. Otherwise would a joker like @ZelenskyyUa ever dare to go?

@FoxNews @TuckerCarlson It's funny how the self claimed "super moral" person Mr Biden is using the system to hide skeletons. Biden supporting ukraine has been linked to his sons business interests in Ukraine. That's pathetic.

@Reuters It will still be a waste. There is no reviving of economy or for that matter any infrastructure in Ukraine unless war ends. IMF would be stupid to give 20 billion to Zelensky as he was named the most corrupt politician even before the war started.

@nytimes Zelensky & Russians are equally responsible for the deaths that are happening in Ukraine. Stop taking wepons from west and stop sending untrained and unwilling Ukrainians into war.

@ABC 馃ぃ British supplied wepons to Ukraine and expect red carpet for its people in Russia. Fuckin hypocrites

@Papaulski_CP @BBCNews The moment Zelensky stopped all male citizens of Ukraine fleeing out of the country, i started speaking for Ukrainians. What do you have to say about stronger doller, stronger ruble and stronger euro after war started?

@BBCNews Just propoganda. West should stop supplying wepons to Ukraine. War will stop.

@republic Sweden in security and defence is a joke. Ukraine is already in ruins. What are these jokers upto?

@BorisJohnson @ZelenskyyUa @G7 @NATO It's More like he is waiting for all of Ukraine to vanish!

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