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@elonmusk @TaraBull808 Ok @elonmusk let's just give Putin a chunk of Ukraine, let him kill and rape whoever is on that land and then hope he goes away and doesn't rebuild his military and invade again after an agreement 馃檹 Clown

@elonmusk @EvaFoxU @Lukewearechange Just say you want to give away 30% of Ukraine's territory to Putin and hope he's satisfied with that, grow some balls and just say it, you know it's the absolute minimum Russia would accept

@Israel Never again but if it's Ukraine screw it, let them get murdered you bunch of cowards, shame on you

@Ankur_tiwari2 @GermanyDiplo Why would Ukraine want to teach in Russian language it's a Nazi language now, associated with fascism. Russian Orthodox church is also a state sponsored organisation nothing religious about it

@visegrad24 Countries are quickly getting fed up with Germany's Fascist views, Austin was trying to talk Sense into them, let's see if they continue to do what Putin would like or they stand up for Ukraine. My guess is they will choose to side with Putin

@apmassaro3 Scholtz will do what benefits Russia and the United States will never change this. The SPD have always put Russia's interests first and the will be back to business with them after Ukraine has been destroyed. The guy is a weasel and a coward

@RealityCheck9O @annettedittert Stop talking garbage. The SPD and their decades of systemic corruption and Russian appeasement made this possible, NS1 and NS2 and non NATO for Ukraine. Germany owe Ukraine and Facist Scholtz needs to wake up and realize it

@ronzheimer Nazi Germany in the past Nazi Germany now nothing changes. Cruel to Ukraine, disgusting Germany

@annettedittert Scholz is a coward and a traitor to Ukraine. Germany policy on NATO and NS1/2 is corrupted, greedy and foolish. Germany clearly align themselves with Russia as they have done for decades. What a pathetic man and the SPD should be ashamed of themselves, disgusting

@maria_drutska We wake up every morning and enjoy a coffee while watching Ukraine rain down grenades on the Ruskis! Thank you!

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