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@esaagar C'mon Saagar! US support for Ukraine has nothing to do with "integrity of eastern Ukraine" (whatever it means) You stop Putin now before he gets stronger.

@AndreasSteno It means Putin is getting really desperate. Effect? More sophisticated weapons systems to Ukraine from USA

@andrewmichta Their support for Ukraine is nonexistent anyway. Great Britain, USA, Poland and the Baltics are the ones whose support counts.

@midwest_midwit @Cernovich @witte_sergei War with Putin is about defending US Dollar as a world currency. If U$ goes down so id United States. It is in your interest as an American who uses U$ to win with Putin. To be cleat he was provoked and made a mistake to attack Ukraine which is a toast regardless of the outcome

@TFL1728 Tom, sometimes I have the impression that you wish Ukraine to lose...

@PeterZeihan Interestingly Israeli army chief visited Poland couple of days ago. They have been unsuccessfully trying to convince Poland to help them in attacking Iran. So far Poland refused but now that Iran if helping Russia in Ukraine its a different story.

@PeterZeihan Crazy move by Russia. As soon as they asked for Iranian help Israel started sending anti drone weapons to Ukraine thru Poland. Also North Korea refused artillery ammunition to Russia.

@PeterZeihan So far Putin's Ukraine (mis)adventure saved Taiwan.

@PeterZeihan Most of it is wishful thinking. I hope Putin loses but I am afraid Ukraine will never recover from this

@Halsrethink German plan is to return to status quo. Besides they already started moving supply chain closer to home meaning to Poland, Ukraine, Romania. Germans are assholes (I am Polish) and stubborn but they are not stupid.

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