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Chad Robichaux is an American vet who helped 17K people out of Afghanistan after Biden abandoned them. He told Glen Beck he was recently in Ukraine for the 2nd time, & like the 1st time he saw no evidence of the billions in taxpayer aid. He said there's no congressional oversight

Biden has given billions to Ukraine but that's just pocket change compared to the industry of war. Trump was a President of peace and it was costing people billions so he had to go.

How ironic how the left calls us Nazis, when it was under a democrat President Obama that the CIA pulled off the Nazi coup in Ukraine, & under another democrat President Biden that they continue to arm & pay the Nazis in Ukraine including Zelensky.

A former Pentagon adviser believes the US, and Britain are the likely culprits of the Nordstrom sabotage. He thinks they did it to keep Germany from backing out of support for Ukraine. Retired army Col. Douglas Macgregor said they were the only ones with capability & motive.

Nancy Pelosi snuck $12 billion for Ukraine into the hurricane relief bill. Now you know why so many Republicans voted against it. Even in a catastrophe the democrats can't put America first.

Biden has depleted the SPR that is supposed to be for the military that Trump had filled up, & he has sent billions of military equipment to Ukraine after leaving 8 billion of military equipment in Afghanistan. It's almost like he's preparing this country to be ........

@KT_Hamilton1969 Yes he does but there's still a Nazi element at play in Ukraine and the Azov regiment is a brutal bloodthirsty outfit. Just because your liberal media doesn't report on it doesn't make it not true. Do some basic research you'd be surprised how much you've been lied to.

@TheJKing5 @dhome510 He had 4 years to gift it to him did he not. And instead he imposed the toughest Sanctions to date on Russia, and sent tank busting missiles to Ukraine as opposed to Obama who sent blankets.

@IndependentCJ I saw Trump put the toughest Sanctions on Russis to date, and guess what I didn't see Einstein? I didn't see Russia invade Ukraine. BTW Trump sent Ukrainer anti-tank missiles when Obama just sent blankets. You live in a liberal cocoon of lies & you're dumber than a paper dildo.馃槀

The Biden Regime, & other NATO countries are making plans to enter the Ukraine/Russia war. The deep state has been spoiling for it since 1996. The plan is to force a regime change in Russia & end its days as a superpower making Bidens energy friends rich from Russias oil fields

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