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@CavinShakey They clearly don’t want Ukraine to win the war or it would be over already. Biden and other World leaders are responsible for the slaughter of thousands in Ukraine.

$7b but no aircraft🤦‍♂️This conflict is over once Ukraine controls the skies, until then it’s a war of attrition and Russia will never stop, they’ll send their grandmothers to fight if they need to🤦‍♂️#nzpol https://t.co/lWFERxOqI5

@mikeofraser It has but NATO is about as useful as the UN unfortunately, if it were strong this Ukraine war would be over. It’s a proxy war and Putin was right about one thing, the West is helping fund the annihilation of Ukraine. This will drag on until every Ukrainian is dead at this rate.

@mikeofraser Agreed, it’s got nothing to do with NATO and more to do with re- establishing the USSR. But had the US pulled from NATO there would be no question over this and the argument that Russia invaded Ukraine over NATO wouldn’t even exist. NATO was weak prior to this war.

@CarterC14278566 Displaying a Ukraine flag in support of the millions of people displaced and the thousands of civilians murdered through reckless targeting of civilian areas is not stupid. Fuck Putin, I hope he gets a bullet real soon.

@damos9111 @NewshubNZ I agree that this war would be over already had the US and it’s allies fully committed. But nonetheless Russia will be buying all their tanks back from the Ukraine in the shape of steel beams in the future and the world will no longer be reliant on China for steel😂 https://t.co/hOsNlLFTad

They said there was no more money for nurses, then there was money for Covid. Then they said there was no more money for Covid, but somehow there’s money for Ukraine. Either there’s no more money or someone’s talking shit.🤦‍♂️ #nzpol

While the rest of the worlds leaders work towards disarming it’s citizens, leaving them defenceless from terrorists and tyrants, Ukraine is planning on giving people the right to protect themselves. #nzpol https://t.co/xicqvKlFBs

@backagain1916 So when you say they don’t want to support Neo Nazis in Ukraine who are you referring to, all Ukrainians currently fighting for their right for independence or the very small minority of Neo Nazis in Ukraine?

The Neo Nazis fighting for Russia in Ukraine are pretty open about their racial hatred, it’s pretty sad our planet still has people like this living on it. #nzpol https://t.co/0dTWHKdkQX

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