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@JuanCon76462556 @LPNH I've seen various libertarians performing mental gymnastics to rationalize if not justify russia invading Ukraine.

@LPNH @JuanCon76462556 Ukraine posed zero military threat to Russia. How many times has Ukraine invaded Russia throughout history? How many times has Russia invaded it's neighbors? You're correct that Russia invading Ukraine does not directly affect our national security.

@LPNH @JuanCon76462556 Russia actually has the capacity to inflict serious harm on the US. Interestingly enough, you can hold that Ukraine is a corrupt regime that is being manipulated by US politicians and still be able to call out Russian aggression.

@JuanCon76462556 @LPNH Oh, don't get me wrong, the LP doesn't advocate for wars. They just aren't opposed to "all wars", just opposed to US led or supported wars. Russia is still the bad guy in this current scenario. Nothing Ukraine has done will justify Russia invading them.

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