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@mbzz19 @LindseyGrahamSC You are glossing over a vast amount of history. Ukraine had an identity as Ukrainian long before Kruschev. Take a look at Germany, Turkey, Iraq... All had their identities long before the current country name. Even the United States was just the 13 colonies. You have agenda.

@Thatguyintwitmo @ChuckPfarrer How are Russian artillery tubes doing? As near as I can tell they don't have the furnaces to make the good calm steel needed.This would imply declining accuracy while Ukraine is getting better.

@samjampk @Justin_Br0nk Quite simply, Russia has it's hands full with Ukraine. Going up against the real NATO is just not in the cards for Putin. A country that relies on convicts is just about out of escalation options. They can scream nukes all they want but the real existential threat is not there.

@gyrokart69 @K_lottanumbers @Anthrage @NewsPolitics @KyivIndependent What do you call Russian nationalists? With a choice between Russian and Ukrainian nationalists most favor the group without sledgehammer justice. You may point fingers at Ukraine but Russia has it's own rather large contingent cheering on cruelty.

@marionc0910 @ed97554968 @Jaybefaunt Now count the number of dead in the Donbas since the Russian invasion. Or look at the destruction. Some fix. You cite the excuse but the real reason is exactly what Putin has said, over and over, that he doesn't think Ukraine should exist.

@Jaybefaunt Easy calculation. Count the number of NATO countries that Russia has invaded since NATO. Zero. That is the reason for NATO. Russia is a threat. Georgia, Moldavia and Ukraine would have been better off in NATO.

@ChunkBeefbroth @AtlanticCouncil @GeneralClark @ACEurasia Russia and Democracy are mutually exclusive terms. Do you trust Putin's word? He said in Feb 2022 that he had no intention of invading Ukraine. That is the same person who said Kherson loves Russia. Same lies. Same autocracy.

@WCPGW_SU @AndrewPerpetua HIMARS m30a1 are expensive and not in abundance. Best used for precision strikes at a distannce. With that said the US has a lot of the older and less accurate DPICM cluster type munition that Ukraine has been asking for. These are perfectly suited for the task at hand.

@Tunege10 @okechukwu_peter @jcokechukwu Oh my so worried about Ukraine dead and not at all worried about the cost in Russian dead This is Russia's self proclaimed super power. The ability to endlessly sacrifice Russian lives like they have little value.

@BartPluymers @LvivTyler Russia Feb 22 We aren't going to invade Russia Jan 6 We aren't going to attack Russia is consistent, when they promise they won't do something, they do. It's always a con with Russia Russia thinks they are clever, the West thinks Ukraine needs more help with this BS.

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