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@ninelegyak @CutThruTheBias @irishamilli @richimedhurst Wrong, it was never about NATO and staying neutral so far was not good for any state in 馃嚪馃嚭 neighborhood. Also USSR was placing nukes in 馃嚚馃嚭. NATO does not in East Europe and would not in Ukraine 馃嚭馃嚘

@sludge_princes @unique_usrname @RStoicObserver @mhmck Even though it is taking too long to get western MBTs to Ukraine (that applies to all countries) the number of variances and relatively low number of LP2 requires an aligned activity. However the PiS publicity stunts are dangerous! No official request, and they need repair

@ConservativeGG3 You are realizing that Trump was submissive to Putin? Sure Russia would not have invaded Ukraine during Trump, because Trump would have served Ukraine on a silver Tablet like John Baptists head was served. You really don鈥檛 get it!! 馃ぁ

@besthealthyou @BotakozKassymb1 @mhikaric Did you not follow Putins rants about Ukraine identity lately? Yes he wants to eradicate Ukraine identity. Look up what that means: genocide

@dan_in_pa79 No, because he would have blackmailed Ukraine to death and handed it over to Putin on a silver plate. Looks like you have not learned from what your grandparents fought against between 1939 and 1945 in Europe. You betray what they lived and died for!!!

@WBVT_98FM @DennisKing62 @carolmswain Looks like you do not know how NATO works. Ukraine did not want to attack Russia. They like all!!! East European countries wanted to get under the umbrella of NATO protection against Russia. And guess what, now also Sweden and Finland.

@SgforgoodStella Which basically proves that Russia does not accept the existence of Ukraine. Go home Russian propaganda 馃ぁ

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