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Most important activity today is to reduce greenhouse gases and at the same time increase clean chea
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Do not understand. Ukraine army shelling a nuclear plant is the issue not the Russian nuclear industry. Tell Zelensky his army should not do that and the problem is solved.馃榿

An accident in Crimea that has probanly has nothing to do with the Ukraine military. I do not buy it.

So people do want to know the truth. Strange. The Ukrainans shelling a nuclear plant is also tabu. Ukraine is losing is tabu. How stupid can you get?

Ukraine army has succeeded to destroy something.馃榿

Ukraine update. Erdogan and Putin agrees on trade.

The instigator are USA. Sad to be saying this but you can blame yourself Zelensky not seeking a Minskdeal. Now the US is throwing you under the bus and blaming you for following their bad advice. The war tactics of Ukraine army are helping the russians so listen to your generals.

Because of the sanctions and a urge to pay back of course. But should not Ukraine help by turning on gas they turned of. Of course not they expect Europe to suffer and send more weapons.

I do not think this is funny and it should be taken more seriously. Ukraine should be a warning that it is not what we are thinking but what mainland China thinks that is important.

I think you should be more careful in your attityde against China. USA will not defend you if they invade I beleive. Like Ukraine you have to do it yourself. The alternative is a new great war between nuclear powers.

Wrong. The main thing is to avoid a war with China not to provoke it to start one. Who is right or wrong is of minor importance. Look how it is going for Ukraine.

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