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If you think the supply chain crisis is over, guess again. We have a looming rail strike, diesel fuel shortage, Brazil riots (major food exporter), lights out in Ukraine and Germans will freeze. If you want to understand what's behind it, here's the book: https://t.co/1wq5nc7NQ5 https://t.co/yqgyaADrnP

In case you're wondering where your tax dollars go, we've sent over $50 billion to support the neo-Nazis and oligarchs in Ukraine. Enjoy. https://t.co/GITWQJdj3c

A growing list of countries are evacuating their citizens from Ukraine. Why? They know the Russian winter offensive is coming and the Kyiv cabal will collapse in chaos. Too bad the U.S., UK and EU leaders have swallowed their own propaganda and don鈥檛 see it coming.

Supply chains are about more than ports, trucks and warehouses. My new book looks at disruption caused by the War in Ukraine, financial and demographic collapse in China, climate alarmists, and ridiculous mask and lockdown policies in the pandemic. Thanks. https://t.co/1wq5nc8lFD

All I can say about this new interview with the brilliant @JuliaLaRoche is that we covered it all: Fed, stocks, the economy, supply chain, inflation, Ukraine, Russia, China and more. One hour. Enjoy! https://t.co/7TDhbtMmII

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