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DoD has confirmed that the long-range rockets going to Ukraine are ground-launched small diameter bombs The GLSDB – which are not fired from HIMARS – has been tested against targets at 81 mi but has yet to be used in combat. It will take ~9 mos to deploy https://t.co/csrz2wXmJi

Here’s the full list of new US military aid heading to Ukraine. The HIMARS Ammo, artillery rounds, MRAPs and Javelins should arrive in days or weeks. Air defense capabilities and the bottom half of the list need to be procured from weapons manufacturers, which could take months https://t.co/4rLCvt0Mlm

NEW: Russia has likely completed training of the 2nd Guards Motor Rifle Division in Belarus for deployment to Ukraine: UK Defense Intelligence 🇬🇧 believes there is a "realistic possibility" that other 🇷🇺 units are being rotated into Belarus for similar training & to regenerate

Russia's continued troubles fielding a main battle tank for combat come as Ukraine is set to receive 30 American Abrams, 28 Leopard tanks (14 each from Poland and Germany), and 14 British challenger tanks.

NEW: Russian troops deployed in Ukraine have been reluctant to accept a small number of poorly-made T-14 Armata main battle tanks provided by the Kremlin: UK Defense Intel The tanks had previously had troubles with the engine and thermal imaging.

NEW: Russia is sending in tens of thousands of mobilized replacement troops to strengthen positions in the Ukraine weakened by fighting in Bakhmut: senior U.S. military official U.S. assesses these troops are "ill-equipped, ill-trained, and rushed to the battlefield."

NEW: U.S. estimates that Russia was able to mobilize up to 250,000 troops for war in Ukraine out of 300,000-troop mobilization goal: Gen. Mark Milley Russian casualties are "significantly" over 100,000, Milley tells reporters.

US SecDef Austin said the idea of supplying a token amount of Abrams main battle tanks to Ukraine to "unlock" German Leopard-2 tanks "in my mind, is not an issue." Comes after reports that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz told Biden that Abrams was a condition for sending Leopard.

Asked point blank if Germany is doing enough to support Ukraine, U.S. Defense Secretary Austin backs the NATO ally, and then immediately hedges: "Yes, but we can all do more."

NEW: Ukraine is unlikely to eject Russia from all of its territory in a military victory in 2023: Gen. Mark Milley Ukraine could mount a tactical or operational level offensive operation to move the needle, Milley tells reporters, with US providing enhanced maneuver training.

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