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Remember that in terms of aid, we actually gave #Ukraine very little. We don鈥檛 even give ourselves aid. The money that allegedly went to Ukraine actually went to our own military industrial complex to build more weapons to send to Nazis. Stop thinking we actually feed people.

I love telling people who believe in liberty but support the continuation of the war in #Ukraine that Zelensky banned opposition parties. They always respond that in wartime, it is necessary to crush anyone who鈥檚 not in 100% agreement with you. K, guys. We鈥檒l quote you later. 馃槈

My tweets don鈥檛 reach very far, but it鈥檚 amazing how people who have as little as twice the number of followers I have & who challenge the Ukraine narrative get BARRAGES of comments from strange accounts that don鈥檛 directly address the claims, almost like they are fake people. 馃

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