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@usembfinland Must be ready for a response, nuclear threat to Russia, must have a prepared response, Assault on Sochi / Petersburg, take a strategic position of a declared war plus a retaliatory strike against Ukraine, Russia must direct significant military forces to

@vonderleyen 1994 Budapest Memorandum, Ukraine surrendering nuclear weapons, https://t.co/uNrxGSaL8H

nuclear program , Takes Nuclear Weapons from Ukraine, Ukraine only bleeds because the US took her Nuclear Weapons

cultural crimes 54 years ago, Amnesty / the Pope must understand that Russia is we want the aggressor to leave Georgia / Ukraine

@vonderleyen Dear Mrs. Ursula, Amnesty International I asked for help, Elon Musk conducts experiments on people, No AMNESTA Reaction, Amnesty I am writing a report that Ukraine / Canada do not respect human rights together with the Pope CANADA conducted https://t.co/Tc5skmvTY7

The crimes in Ukraine show that Russia is the first, the Global Terrorist https://t.co/TGVj7Xf1D4

@SecBlinken Treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, drawn up in Moscow, Washington and London on July 1, 1968. Dear Mr. Blnkien Russia bombing all of Ukraine, the war is in the east, NATO defensive alliance should force Russia to stop, bomb an area where there

@VP KREML destroy the climate with military operations, Thousands of rockets, tanks, blowing up chemical depots, It takes our planet's time, people cannot afford such actions, Must bear the consequence free Ukraine, free Georgia / Kazahstan - End of aggression

@SecBlinken Terrorism is not negotiable, Showing fear, provoking aggression, Lukashenko allows himself to perform hybrid attacks against the USA / EU, These are a consequence of the lack of reaction to Belarus's aggression towards Ukraine, Budapest Memorandum 1994 https://t.co/XCmyGTTQ2G

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