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Hegelian Dialectic
"Believe nothing that you see and only half of what you hear" - H L Mencken 🇷🇺 🏴‍☠️🇧🇬.⚰️to WEF, WHO🧨💥
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The Palestinians could really use just half the weapons and money that's been sent to Ukraine to defend themselves against aggressive and illegal occupation.

@JeffWrongOn @mario_zapper @Pyewacketkitten @blackintheempir You are following the propaganda of the military industrial complex, that much is obvious. Next you'll be claiming there are no Nazis in Ukraine.

@rotor_motor13b No good news coming from Ukraine, obviously. What is the media going to do after Russia comprehensively defeats NATO?

@SkyNews Really? Is this from the same intelligence community that insisted Iraq had WMD? Scott Ritter was right 20 years ago and he's right about what's going on in Ukraine now. You. Are. Not.

@trussliz We would have been crushed by Hitler's Germany without the sacrifice of 23 million Soviet soldiers and people. Half the entire casualties of WW2 were Russian. Ukraine raised 3 divisions of SS men conversely.

@tesssummers98 @StokingFreedom The West is a shadow of the society I remember 30 years ago. And the way things are headed in Ukraine, we’ll be lucky to still be here in 30 weeks.

Fortunately, so far, NATO is denying Ukraine membership. We have some breathing room.

Word round the camp fire is that Ukraine becomes a NATO member tonight. Article 5 will be cited and WW3 ignited. In this charade of a society, the race will be on to get the first selfie with a nuclear mushroom cloud on to Instagram

And in other news, Russia is being defeated by Ukraine..

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