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Here鈥檚 What Would Happen If Putin Ordered A Nuclear Strike In Ukraine

US says it told the Kremlin that Russia will face 'catastrophic consequences' if it uses tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine

"Ukraine says it has completed a massive prisoner swap with Russia where key Putin ally Viktor Medvedchuk was sent to Russia and 215 Ukrainians returned home" Russia frees 215 Ukrainians held after Mariupol battle, Ukraine says

General warns of Putin鈥檚 reaction as Ukraine war 鈥榥ot going too well,鈥 Russia 鈥榠ncreasingly divorced鈥 from battlefield realities

Ukraine war: graves found in city recaptured from Russians - BBC News

Putin reportedly enlists serial killers, a cannibal to fight in Ukraine war

Map shows how Europe could be affected if Ukraine鈥檚 nuclear plant explodes

Russian mercenaries want felons to go fight Putin's war in Ukraine, but many are refusing, US official says

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