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Israel鈥檚 enemies do not sleep. Neither do we.
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Shortly after Pres. Zelensky criticized Israel for doing "nothing" to support Ukraine, Israel announced that 20 injured Ukrainian soldiers would receive treatment at @sheba_medical. Israel has provided significant humanitarian aid to Ukraine since the war began.

The growing #Iran-#Russia alliance poses a grave threat to #America, #Ukraine, #Israel, and all other countries that value peace and democracy.

As the #Russia-#Ukraine war stretches on, Russia continues to show its true colors by cozying up to #Iran and #Hamas, and #Israel increases aid (both military and humanitarian) to Ukraine.

Absurd. #Iran, a major human-rights violator that has supplied #Russia with hundreds of drones for its assault on Ukrainian civilians, should be the one to mediate the Russia-Ukraine conflict?

@s_m_marandi's thuggish extortion is a perfect example of how regimes like Iran and Russia coordinate to threaten the human and national security of democratic American allies. Ukraine and Israel are on the front line against this coordinated campaign.

Here is an Iranian advisor to the regime's nuclear negotiations team in Vienna attempting to blackmail the West, leveraging the energy crisis brought about by Russia's illegal invasion of Ukraine. Luckily, Europe and America can stay warm without Iran's Blood Oil.

The military alliance between #Russia and #Iran poses a major threat to #Ukraine, the #UnitedStates, #Israel and all other countries who value peace & democracy.

This is the nature of regimes like Russia and Iran - they collaborate to attack the security of American allies together. Russia鈥檚 focus may be Ukraine and Iran鈥檚 focus Israel, but the goals are the same.

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