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An accountant by profession and a consultant. Helps SMEs to understand accounting practices and be able to have track of their day to day expenses and revenues.
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@DenesTorteli So this makes sense to you huh? If we want PEACE, we must continue supporting Ukraine. Gibberish

@visegrad24 If the Leopards are that superior they would have brought like 50, but they too can be destroyed. Ukraine will soon start asking for more

@Nickyc47212476 @NOELreports But the propaganda of claiming it is only Russians who are dying sucks. It's beats every logical reasoning to tell me that Russia lost 50% and that the AFU is intact. The last I checked, a portion of Ukraine is under the control of the Russian forces.

@Nickyc47212476 @NOELreports You know what I hate about you lots....? You sit in your comforts and declare your support for Ukraine on Twitter while real human beings (Ukrainians) are dying, then you come back and tell us Russians are loosing men. It is war, so people dying is no news

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