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Biden to announce free universal healthcare for all paid for by the US Government – just for Ukraine. We can afford this as long as we give up Social Security in the US.

@answercoalition We need more people against the war machine, not just Ukraine as your title implies. You seem to be targeting the establishment, Dem and Republicans, who will just move on to Taiwan. Is that the message you want to send? Invade Taiwan!

What you need to know about the #UFO shot down is that Biden approved an act of war against Russia before the Ukraine invasion and without knowledge of Congress. Grounds for impeachment.

@MesabiBoy @RalphNader The Iraq war was the most popular in recent history when it started. Even more popular than Ukraine.

@RalphNader Trump is an opportunist, just a tad bit smarter than the extremely not smart Democrats. Sentiment will turn against the Ukraine war, and Trump will benefit enough to pivot to the next war.

@RalphNader The Democrats paint themselves as the war party. Remember when they started peeling off to opportunistically call for a timeline to exit Iraq, only to then get us deeper into Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, now Ukraine, etc.

@brandic20 @ricwe123 Exactly, Russia would never be as vile and aggressive as the US and Ukraine.

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