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As a reminder for anyone who thinks Russia invaded Ukraine to occupy land. No one was ever held accountable for burning Russian speaking Ukrainians alive.

Plenty of money for weapons for Ukraine though.

@VOAChinese VOA would have you believe the war with Ukraine began with the Russian invasion, but that is far from the truth. Have a listen to Nikita Mikhalkov, a Russian Filmmaker who teaches us very important history. English subtitles.

Here are the people that an Ukraine Government board said you should not listen to because their opinions are in line with Russian propaganda. @calebmaupin

@Zzzaikar Probably with weapons that were originally sent for Ukraine.

@RevStatus @LaborwaveCCCP There was a famine, but it was not man made and it was not isolated to Ukraine, it was not a plan to crush Ukraine by Stalin.

@JerrysTakeChina The clues that it was manmade have been significant. The hard evidence might in the hands of Russian military after taking control of the US funded bio labs in Ukraine. They have already shown evidence labs were working on spreading pathogens via Mosquito and drones.

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