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@Articwolfman2 @McFaul Their whole point was Ukraine not joining NATO or continuing to have weapons continue to build up on their border . Nukes threaten everyone,bordering or not.

@SJ82514812 @HiddenOG @RepThomasMassie Russia's decision to invade was 100% theirs. Ukraine is defending itself. But, we have the Monroe Doctrine, why? Why did the US assure NATO wouldn't move an inch to the east? Why did we ignore ethnic populations under attack in Ukr. while we ramped up weapons deliveries?

@stetzor @jimmy_dore @mattyglesias @abetterworld98 We've never been isolationist. We funded a coup in 2014 and armed Ukraine while eastern regions were under attack by govt and militia forces. "Cultural genocide" entails forcefully establishing a singular ethnic identity by banning minority languages, shutting down churches.

@Trader_Apophis @SamRamani2 Shame? All of Europe is tsking a hit to support Ukraine. Wtf?

@JulianRoepcke "Historic failure"? Ukraine has gotten more support than any other country could ever dream of whether they are at war, sufferring starvation or any other crisis.

@ZelenskyyUa @niinisto @MarinSanna IMO, any country that has supported Ukraine in any fashion at any point is a "true friend". Not sure passive aggressive shaming is the best approach.

@DemonFaeShae @shawnmwalters Its about funnelling weapons into a war. Maybe they should be, maybe they shouldnt. It can be questioned. That's not "right-winged". (Political opposition, media and labor unions have been banned in Ukraine btw.)

@Podolyak_M Ukraine is defending itself and good. But there are, and were. Lets not kid ourselves.

@Podolyak_M Ukraine is defending itself and good. But here are, and were. Lets not kid ourselves.

@dschatsky @GronFarm @emeriticus Chechnya wanted independence, but officially was part of Russia and still is. So it wasnt a "take-over" If you think they should have gotten independence, then I assume you feel the same about Crimea snd other regions in Ukraine that have been fighting for it the past 8 years.

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