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@OlgaNYC1211 The shelling of bridge is useless and a waste of missiles. Ukraine needs learn from ww2 and send team to plant explosive under the bridge at ight and then whe Russians use the bridge to set to detonate all explosives

@McFaul He wants the resources of Ukraine. And except some weapons the free worldbis not doing that much to help Ukraine

@jimcramer That is how they steal us money . They are like the Russian army looting Ukraine

@dcexaminer How can Ukraine wins against Putin. Putin the new Hitler of this world

@lesiavasylenko Unfortunaly it looks like the G7 wants Putin to win. Thay is the only logical explanation i can find for the lack of powerful weapons send to Ukraine and especially the long time it takes to be swndbto Ukraine

@McFaul You are right. But whatni do not understand is it seems the G7 countries wants Putin to win. The reason I say that the real weapons that could help Ukraine takes way too long to be sent .

@KyivIndependent I think Ukraine are unable to destroy one of the most lethal Russian weapon . It seems auras missiles are not able to take down Russian attack helicopters . And those helicopters are making a lot of damages to Ukraine forces

@AnneRPierce I think the G7 countries made their mind to let Putin win and force Ukraine to give it to Putin. That is why they are not sending weapons in time.

@apmassaro3 The world leaders wants Ukraine to loose the war

@MarketRebels It seems the world wants Putin to win the war. Proof of that they are not delivering weapons to Ukraine in time

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