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Inna Sovsun
Member of #Ukraine馃嚭馃嚘 Parliament, Deputy Head of @GolosZmin party, First Deputy Minister of Education
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
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Russian soldiers pulled out gold teeth caps and dentures in occupied territories. Exactly like Nazis did in the WWII. This is what happens with civilians in the territories occupied by #Russia. P.s.: in #Ukraine, gold or silver implants are still often used.

So, russian 'parliament' approved the decision to annex 4 regions of #Ukraine. I only have one question: why do family members of the majority of russian MPs still have visas to the EU, UK, and US? And their kids still study in Western universities?

#Ukraine applies to join @NATO. We will never give up on the Atlantic future. #Russia is a threat to the whole world, and the collective West must destroy this threat together. It is the only guarantee of peace in the world! #UkraineJoinNATO

Also, #Putin has just announced that he wants negotiations. I'll answer him: There will be no negotiations. #Russia will lose, and we'll return all our territories. Our army will do it. And if you want negotiations, then get out of #Ukraine, and then we'll think about it.

4. Ban operations in #Russia and with Russian counterparts. 5. Give #Ukraine all the needed weapons so that we can return all captured territories. Tanks, fighter jets, armored vehicles, and long-range missiles(#ATACMS)!

#Russia has just #annexed 4 regions of #Ukraine, which they previously partially captured by military. It won't change anything for Ukraine, we'll continue to win back our lands. But the world must react to annexation very harshly. Not like it was in #Crimea case. What I'm about:

Italian elections are a great reminder that russia will always try to undermine democracies, be it in Ukraine, Italy or the United States.

9. Well, what about the public opinion of those regions? In the referendum on #Ukraine鈥檚 independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 the position of the local population was pretty straightforward.

2. First, the legal issue. They are not legal. Period. According to Ukrainian legislation, a referendum on the change of state borders (that is, on the adoption of new territories and secession of a certain part of #Ukraine) can be held under certain conditions:

I really can't understand the logic with the circular provision of weapons. #Ukraine needs modern weapons right now and in large quantities. We need a modern one, not the Soviet junk that #Germany is trying to foist on us. And right now, not in 3-4 years.The lives are at stake

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