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Now do China. Ukraine war: Estonia and Finland seek end to Russian tourist visas for Europe

Meanwhile, baby food is still hard to find in the US. U.S. to send Ukraine additional $550 million in military aid

Arms sent to Ukraine will end up in criminal hands, says Interpol chief | Ukraine | The Guardian

Europe鈥檚 war fatigue is real. Switzerland is balking. Switzerland resists Ukrainian plan to seize frozen Russian assets | Ukraine | The Guardian

Xi spikes the football in Hong Kong as we fumble in Ukraine. Travesty. Xi Tells a Muted Hong Kong That Political Power Is for Patriots

Russia has not created a stronger NATO. Russia is helping China weaken the USA by encouraging us to abandon Asia and throw all of our efforts into saving Ukraine. Did Putin inadvertently create a stronger NATO? - The Washington Post

The war in Ukraine and inflation have Germans concerned about their standard of living. Those who have the least are likely to suffer the most. Ukraine war: Germans fear the end of prosperity

Meanwhile, in Biden鈥檚 proxy war costing taxpayers $50 billion and counting鈥. Ukraine forces will have to leave Sievierodonetsk, says governor | Ukraine | The Guardian

Now Ukraine wants to be free from our trade laws鈥攁nything else? Ukraine asks Commerce to revoke trade remedy measures amid war |

Never Trumper Max Boot pushes for war with Russia. Opinion | This isn鈥檛 just Ukraine鈥檚 war. It鈥檚 our war, too. Act accordingly. - The Washington Post

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